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Kopier keeps your links handy, so you'll never have to search them again

Modern Problems required Modern Solutions

Store links you need

Tired of going to LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter to copy your bio link? Store them on Kopier and never hit search again

Faster than search

Use Alt+C to start the extension and then hit shortcut to copy. Don't move those hands off the keyboard

Fastest way to share your links

Add unlimited links and shortcuts for everything

Screenshot of extension in browser

Duh. Another extension?

Yeah. One that makes mundane tasks fast

  • Add unlimited links to Kopier

  • Add a shortcut key for every link

  • Filling a form? Hit Alt+C to open Kopier

  • Hit L to copy Linkedin profile, I for Insta, you get it

  • Secure with local data storage

Duh! Another Extension

Agent. Do you Kopy?

Get creative and think about all the repetitive searches you could end with Kopier

Demo of the extension

Replace search with shortcuts. Filling Applications? Forms? Kopier takes care of your profile links so you never have to search again.